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Landscape Lighting

LED cabana lighting
Custom LED lighting added to a cabana living room and surrounding landscape

Lighting your Landscape

Landscape lighting can impact your property and your life in a number of ways.  A well designed lighting plan allows you to enjoy your landscaping even after the sun goes down.  A properly designed system not only allows for the time you may want to spend outside, but creates vistas that you can enjoy from inside as well.  The views will change throughout the year as the seasons change, plants grow, leaves come and go, and winter snows cover the ground and trees.

Lighted pathway
Lighting a pathway increases accessibility for you and your guests

Increasing Accessibility

Properly executed landscape lighting can also increase the security and accessibility of your property.  With the lighting of common walkways and home access points, coming home in the dark becomes more pleasant for you and any visitors to your home.

Lighted waterfall
Landscape lighting should be subtle, be careful not to over do it


Lighting plans must be carefully designed.  To little light and the effect will be minimal and spotty.  To much light and your home looks like a sports stadium or parking lot.

At Salavantis Landscapes we have a great deal of experience in lighting projects large and small.  We also design and install custom LED lighting.  Installations can be designed to be anything from fully programmed and automatic to completely at your control with a smart phone or tablet.

Colour changing lights
Colour changing lights allow you to celebrate the seasons, your sports team, or your whim

Colour Changing Lights

Add a splash of colour to your landscape. Landscape lighting is now available with the option to change the colour. The Luxor system from FX Luminaire allows you to assign colours to individual light fixtures, or groups of light fixtures through programming or instantly with a smart device. With a system like this you can change the colours based on the current season, support your favourite sports team, or assign them based on your interest that day. For more information about Luxor systems feel free to contact us or visit FX Luminaire.

Landscape lighting should be an important part of your landscape plan.  Your landscape is there 24 hours a day, you should be able to enjoy and appreciate it whenever you desire.

Get inspired with some lighting pictures from Google images.

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