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Water Features

stream water feature
A stream creates gentle white noise

Bring Life to you Landscape

Ponds, streams and waterfalls add new a dimension to your landscape. Water features create soothing motion and sound in your yard that can make your yard more of an escape. The sounds created can help to disguise everyday sounds of traffic and neighbours. As with everything in your landscape, adding lighting allows you to enjoy your water feature 24 hours a day.

Bubbling rock under construction.
Large bubbling rock under construction
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Decorative Water Features

Something as simple as a decorative water feature, commonly called a bubbling rock, can add enough sound to the landscape to help drown out the noise from traffic and neighbours. This feature is referred to as pond-less because it is self contained and has no standing water. There are dozens of pre-formed features to choose from, or they can be built using natural stone or other materials. These are very low maintenance features, typically requiring only monitoring for algae and adding fresh water occasionally. These features have been known to attract birds and other small animals looking for a drink.

Small waterfall
A waterfall creates sound and movement in your landscape


A waterfall can be built as either a pond-less feature or incorporated into a pond or a stream. The waterfall pictured above is at the head of a small stream that crosses the length of the backyard. The water falling over the rocks creates movement and a wonderful white noise. Waterfalls can be customized and can be anything from a small trickle to a multi-tier raging torrent. Strategically placed lights will allow you to enjoy the waterfall well into the evening.

Waterfall into a pool
Waterfall into a pool
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Pool Enhancements

A waterfall into a pool is another great way to add motion and sound. While it is preferable to integrate this feature during pool construction or renovation, it is possible to add it to an existing pool if conditions are right. Another option is to add one or more water weirs which create a cascading sheet of water.

Koi pond
Koi and plants ad colour and interest to your pond

Ponds, Fish and Plants

A pond can be a great focal point in the yard. As with your gardens, the ever changing foliage and flowers will give you new vistas throughout the year. Adding Koi or Goldfish will enhance the colours and movement in the pond. When properly designed, the pond ecosystem will work to keep the water clean and clear. The occasional addition of a treatment may be rquired to give the ecosystem a boost.

Lighted waterfall
Lighted pond
Lighted water feature and landscape
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Do not forget about lighting. Adding lighting to any water feature will allow you to enjoy the motion of the water (and/or fish) day and night. This will create two distinct vistas, day and night, as well as new views during the transition from one to the other.

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